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How do we connect our children with the sacred?

Especially the sacred found in that which is around us, upon which we rely with our every breath, but which is so ‘common’ it remains invisible?

Of course I’m talking here about our habitat — air with oxygen in it, water flowing freely whether from tap or sky, yummy foods that magically grow out of the earth, wild creatures tiny as ants or towering over us as bears, elk, or the owl in a tree, and a sense of infinitude found in a sky filling with clouds — but I could be also talking about a sense of power greater than any mere mammal including humans and connecting our children with the Light of Life.

As I strolled in our nearby park at sunset with my ancient dog (one step, two steps, stop, sniff, breathe, repeat)  last week, I watched a father gently put his small crawling babe on the grasses and mud of our nearby park. What delighted me was watching the delight of the child, crawling away and in her small POV, off adventuring with a sense of space, ground, earth, smells, tactile delights and so much to see at ground level. What amazed me was that this was the first time I’d seen this at the park in all the years of walking daily.

After what felt a curious eternity of exploring a bit of mud at the edge of the path, the child was gently raised to human eye level in the father’s arms and they went off to see a new sight: goslings at the edge of the creek, guarded aggressively by three adult geese marshalling their local goose daycare. In the fading rosy light, I watched this tender couple, father whispering to curious babe in arms as they watched the goslings from a respectful distance, thus avoiding threatening the ferocious geese and instead enjoying a few moments of quiet beauty of watching a young child awaken to the magic of the natural world.

A moment of sharing wonder is perhaps all it takes.

A moment of care for the Earth within ourselves, the child sensing that quiet and awe within a parent as s/he absorbs the spirit of the intangible, whether through air made visible in sparkling bubbles blown from a simple wand creating magic, or a conscious listening not only to bird song but to the rhythm and tone of the song. Connection within ourselves. And thus the child too quiets and listens, sees, feels and shares in the delight made tangible.

A moment of sharing wonder.

And seeing the sacred in all of the Earth around us.






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